Trip To Jogjakarta, Indonesia – Sunrise at Bukit Barede

My trip includes Taman Sari and Hutan Pinus Pengger, Gunung Merapi, Pantai Timang, Bukit Barede (this post) and Candi Borobudur. You can click each places to be taken to the posts.

For our last day, we got to catch the sunrise here. There are 2 choices to get the great view of the sunrise. You can either catch it from the top of Borobudur (IDR450.) or  Bukit Barede (IDR10k) . We chose the view from Bukit Barede. (OBVIOUSLY) After hiking for 10-15 minutes, we reached the top. There, you can either climb the treehouse lookout to get the full view for IDR50k or you can sit in the gazebo for free. We opted for the lookout post. Hands down the better choice as the gazebo was filled with people as sunrise approached. While on the lookout post was only the both of us. The view was perfect as sunrises always are.

This was before sunrise


The view looks over Mount Merapi on the left, and numerous mountains surrounding the area.


Now I finally understand why people love sunrises. It brings a sense of hope and awe. It shows us that every ending will bring on a new beginning. Never give up hope today as the sun will rise and bring upon a beautiful tomorrow.

My last place in Jogjakarta was Borobudur. Click the links below to take you to the rest of my trip in Jogjakarta, Indonesia:-

Taman Sari, Hutan Pinus Pengger

Merapi Volcano

Pantai Timang

Candi Borobudur

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